printed paper permits to work showing the different versions available
Permits To Work (Pack of 25)

A simple, yet comprehensive three-part document for use by all contractors carrying out work on your site.

The Permit to Work allows you and your contractor to consider and record all of the hazards connected with the work they are going to conduct, along with the necessary controls that must be taken. By considering these hazards, the opportunity for accidents is greatly reduced and therefore, the permit will help to protect the health & safety of employees and contractors.

As work in Confined Spaces with Electricity, Hazardous Substances or conducting Hot Work or Working at Heights are considered by the HSE to be high risk activities, they recommend the use of a permit to work.

Our Permits to Work follows the HSE Guidance HSG250 and are three-part documents split into four distinct sections.

The sections record the details of the job, hazards identified and precautions taken, issuer and contractor signatures which confirm work can begin, along with a hand back and cancellation section once the work has been partially or fully completed.

Once the permit has been opened, one copy of the document is stored by the issuer, helping to identify all work currently taking place on site. This will prove useful in determining if there will be any potential conflicts in work activity when other contractors arrive. The second copy is kept in the control room (if different from the issuer’s office) and the final copy is given to the contractor to display in the area where they are working. The permits come with pre-punched holes for filing and easy hanging while the work is being undertaken. The contractor copy contains a warning triangle on the reverse to highlight the fact that work is taking place.

Once the work is complete or the end of the day arrives, all three copies are brought back together for hand back and cancellation.