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Easy Badge ID Card Printer     

The Easy Badge ID Card printer is one of the simplist and most professional ID Card printers available.

The Easy Badge printer has a simple 5 minuite installation to your computer, and there's no complicated wiring with a simple USB connection and USB Stick, which supports most computers.

Take more control over your ID Designs with the Easy Badge software. Create a professional template in minuites, and standardise all of your site's ID cards, allowing you to see exactly who everyone is.

Create an ID from anywhere be it on site or at home, the Easy Badge app allows you to create an ID card from anywhere in the world, and print it right away.

Never get stuck again, with the Easy Badge Customer Help, you'll never be far away from helpfull tutorials, FAQs and staff to help you overcome whatever issues you may have.

If you are worried about someone making a fake ID Card to look ligitimate around your security consious site, then you'll be pleased to know that the EasyBadge printer also comes with an Ultra Violet security layer, which you can scan using a torch provided with this system. You can make it totally unique so that you know it's yours.

For extra peace of mind the EasyBadge printer comes with a 5 Year Warranty, which comes from rigrous testing and quality control, ensuring you always get a great product.

Included in this pack are:
  • Easy Badge ID Card Printer
  • Installation USB
  • 200 Blank ID Cards
  • 200 Card Print Ribbon
  • Easy Badge App
  • Unique UV Security Print
  • EasyBadge Card Torch
  • 5 Year Warranty

Shipping Information;
Dimensions of box - W 31cm x H 50cm x H40cm
Weight 6kg