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Book & Badge Starter Kit 300     

Book and Badge 300 Starter Kit


Make the change to a superior quality, attractive and durable visitors’ book and name badge system.

The Book and Badge 300 Starter Kit is suitable for medium to high traffic reception areas. With your starter kit you will receive 12 Book and Badge visitor systems, each of which contains 25 visitor badges. With the Book and Badge 300 Starter Kit you will be able to sign-in and identify 300 visitors to your premises. The Book and Badge 300 Starter Kit comes with a durable and high quality Visitors Book to house your visitor badge systems when in use.

The Book and Badge visitors’ badges are 96 x 84 mm and will fit in any of the standard visitor badge wallets also available from Book and Badge.

The Book and Badge Starter Kit includes:

  • 300 easy-tear visitor slips printed with health and safety information
  • A high quality presentation board for your visitor system
  • 12 visitor system registers to easily record your visitor details

Easy Tear Visitor Slips

The visitor slips use a one-write system, so there’s no copying out visitor details; it’s all recorded as a duplicate entry on the register when your guest fills out their badge. Each badge is contained on its own line. The single tear-off strip system means there’s no more wasted badges because they have been improperly filled out. A comprehensive discreet sheet means your visitor details are kept secure. The entire high quality badge system is housed in an extremely effective visitor book.

High Quality Presentation Board

With your Book and Badge starter kit you receive one of the highest quality visitor books on the market. The slim and professional design means it is at home in any industry’s reception area. Unlike repurposed binders or wire-bound holders, the book provides an immediate professional impression for your company. Book and Badge’s visitor book folds conveniently when not in use for storage or privacy, and opens to provide a firm writing surface for your visitors to sign in and out. The book has a convenient snap-to-close binding which secures your visitor badges and register to the book, making the easy-tear badges even easier to remove. This well-constructed and durable visitor book provides a professional first impression for your attended or unmanned reception area and can double as a fire register in case of emergency.

Identify Your Visitors

Book and Badge visitor badges are easy to fill out and easy for your employees or site staff to identify, especially when paired with a visitor lanyard. The health and safety information contained on the badge and register can help your company fulfil its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work act. By signing the visitor badge, your visitors acknowledge they have read and understood the site rules and health and safety information. An expiry date field filled in by the visitor on the badge provides an extra layer of security so that badges can’t be reused on a later date.

Visitor badge wallets, lanyards and clips are available to purchase separately from Book and Badge. Your Book and Badge 300 Starter Kit does not come with accessories to house and display visitor badges when in use.

View Book and Badge Badge System in detail here (pdf viewer required)