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Contractor Management Kit     

contractor management kit

A complete contractor management system to help improve security and health and safety by ensuring every contractor is clearly identified. High risk activities such as hot work, electrical, working at heights and any additional permits to work are highlighted ensuring that the correct risk assessment and safety procedures are adhered to.

Kit contains:

  • 1 x Contractor Badge System (252 x badges attached to 21 registers)
  • 1 x Leather-look Presentation Board
  • 1 x Storage Binder
  • 50 x Blue Top Visitor Badge Wallets
  • 10 x Armband Wallets
  • 25 x Contractor Lanyards
  • 25 x Nickel Clips
  • 1 x Wallet Store
  • 1 x Pen and Stand
  • 1 x Visitor Display

    RRP: £193.65. Our price £87

    The contractor badge system is housed in a stylish, leather-look presentation board. Upon arrival to your premises, the contractor writes their details in to the book just once and the details copy through to the register behind for future reference or to form a fire register in an emergency. With contractors charging by the hour, the system helps you to verify invoices as the arrival and the leaving times are recorded and signed by authorised personnel.

All competed registers are stored in the storage binder.

A sign for the reception area is included, reminding contractors to hand their visitor badge to reception or their host helps prevent badges being taken.

The wallet store houses the plastic wallets ready for use and helps to keep the reception area tidy.

View Contractor Badge System in detail here (pdf viewer required)